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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Star Track

One day a few weeks ago after a terrible day with my children I decided…


That’s IT…! We are making a change.

Well…Here is the change and man does it work well.

Each child has a list of things they can do well.

There is a sheet with reward stars every night for great behavior.

There is a sheet listing rewards the most interesting to them by far…must be the clip art...
Green chip first level takes 20 stars to earn with which they can spend on a first level reward or save to trade. Blue chip can be bought with a 5 "Green Chips" to spend or trade up. Red chip can be bought with 5 "Blue Chips" the reward a big bonanza "Theme Park" day...wooohoooo!!! at the bottom.

And then we keep track on a pie plate.

It took about 1 hour to set up.

It has been 3 weeks now, my kids drag me to do their stars every evening, and they just cashed in their second level “Blue Chip” for a trip to the Toy store after 3 weeks of amazing behavior. We celebrate the great stuff, end the day on a positive note by talking about all the things they did really well, and they are learning the routine chores much more quickly as we review the elements every day.


Huge satisfaction.


Trish said...

Phew...sounds exhausting! But you are such an awesome mom for organizing something like this.

Now how about rewards for YOU?

Like maybe a lil' some writing time with a glass of wine perhaps?

Nomad said...

All self preservation I assure you!!
In the rewards dept I was thinking more along the lines of Louis Vuitton, pearls or maybe some diamonds?? (we work hard enuf right!!
re the it..

Alan said...

I love the no arm pits on the table for Lily - how funny!

Sarah said...

That wasn't from Alan - it was from his "better half"...I'll have to fix my sign in.

Beth said...

wow, this looks like it took so much work, but I'm glad that it's working for you. Wish I would have thought of something like that when mine were little.

Now they're big, and all I do is bribe them or threaten them!

Nomad said...

well that is pretty much what we do must have some wisdom to offer us parenting neophytes!!

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