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Friday, June 29, 2007

Can't Wait!!

Off to Sweden!!!

2 weeks of exploring, photography, cool things with the kids (we plan to study Vikings), laying back and just plain old checking it out.

I have 5 objectives for our trip

1)Write everyday, (and hopefully post depending on Internet access)

2)Paint everyday,

3)Spend HOURS talking to TBG (since I don't see him much these days...)

4)Work on a scrapbook with Riel

5)Do lots of fun things with my kids...

So...let's see how we do ... Stay Tuned!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just a little Horn Tooting....

Behold our two fine young graduates!!!

I must say I AM most impressed with my kids, despite all the adversities that lay ahead of them they have managed to develop nice relationships with friends at school, they fell comfortable and at ease with the teachers, and got great report cards!!

Riel had his last day in Grade 1 today and did very well. We are SO proud of him, he has really made a big effort and it shows. With all of the challenges in front of him to learn the ropes in a new school, pick up the course material, adjust to the new schedule, and cope with a new set of kids, their cliques and a different set of cultural and social norms he has come through it all with grace and dignity. It has not been easy to switch the children in the middle of the school year and our main objective in the last three months has been to get everyone settled before we picked up any extra curricular activities, or language lessons. Next fall to start back with an instrument, continuation of French and a sport.

Here he is with his teacher. Bravo Riel!!

Lily had her last day of Pre Kindergarten today as well, and she too has adapted with amazing ease. She was able to part from me right at the very beginning with almost no difficulty, and really seems to enjoy her time at school. Her class performed 6 songs for us at the end of the morning today, one in particular in 4 languages; English, German, Swedish and French!!!

Here she is!! Congratulations and Bravo too Lily!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer days...

The weather has been really changeable, one day hot and 30 degrees and then the next cold and sweatery, but this morning we awoke to bright sunshine and gorgeous blue skies. The garden has filled in nicely and we are enjoying it immensely.

The kids and I took Mathilde down town for an ice cream after supper. She was quite happy.

So were they!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Spagettini Carbonara

Add all the ingredients, and SCRAPE out the bowl... Mix it all up REALLY well...
Add a little ground pepper...
And enjoy!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Oh joy oh bliss, I HAVE A NEW GERMAN FRIEND….!!!

I am SO tickled!!!

Her name is Mathilde, she a little bit older than I and a little bit greyer and more sedate than I, German now but with old English roots, she is robust in an earthy kind of way. She LOVES to travel and loves the outdoors as I do, dare I dream… have I found a fellow nomad?

We met in our small village around the time of my birthday, though I have not really seen much of her since, she is a local. I can’t WAIT to get to know her a little bit better, as she is very keen to explore the country side together.

I think about her alot, I keep wondering when we will next get to get together to go and do something fun.

If Mathilde weren’t a girl I would even say I am harbouring a little bit of a crush!!…


I just got back from a little jaunt to the village with her, down the brick lane, over and along the millstream, by the hollyhocks and past the Kloister to stop in by the market to pick up some local peaches and strawberries warm and fragrant with the June sun. She is really fun to be with, very easy going and we loitered over a coffee in the gentle breeze and then made our way back down the lane with some good hearty organic bread for lunch. She is quiet in a very thoughtful sort of way, and I feel as though she thinks much like I do.

I asked her if I could post a photo of her on my blog since we are getting along SO famously and being the good natured soul that she is she was delighted….

All my friends at home and in the blogaspere...Meet Mathilde…

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Why you should never leave the kids home alone with dad!

An early morning start to make sure we did not miss feeding time at DinoPark.

Just stand there and let me get a nice picture for G'ma and G'Pa

Everyone SMILE.....

Don"t worry, everything will be OK...just don't make any sudden moves Lily !!

Dad took us to DinoPark lunch, no sunscreen, no drinks, dirty clothes, no snacks and no toilet breaks......NO MOM!


Just playin' a little joke !!! We had a great time !!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Fruhlingsfest or SPRING FLING...

The children's school has a fundraiser every year, called Fruhlingsfest or SPRING FLING.

There are games for the children, lots of interesting different foods and a silent auction.

The kids had a fabulous time bouncing in the bouncy castle, and as I watched them I could not help but think that this scene reminded me of my youth but only about 10 years later I think maybe with the "Clash" playing in the background...

They rode horses, we were impressed that they were both so brave...

and Riel worked in one of the food booths...the "CANDY" stand. Here I think he is receiving a little on the job training. He was so proud to be able to give candy out to the other children. Note the hat made especially for the occasion....

Lily had fun riding the train.

Riel got suited up to try his hand or shall we say tummy at some Sumo.




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