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Friday, June 29, 2007

Can't Wait!!

Off to Sweden!!!

2 weeks of exploring, photography, cool things with the kids (we plan to study Vikings), laying back and just plain old checking it out.

I have 5 objectives for our trip

1)Write everyday, (and hopefully post depending on Internet access)

2)Paint everyday,

3)Spend HOURS talking to TBG (since I don't see him much these days...)

4)Work on a scrapbook with Riel

5)Do lots of fun things with my kids...

So...let's see how we do ... Stay Tuned!!


sarah said...

Sounds wonderful! Have a great time. Looking forward to some beautiful pictures.

diva eva said...

have a great time H! you all deserve it!!!
diva eva

oreneta said...

Sounds Fantastic! have fun hon

Beth said...

this sounds like such a fantastic time! :jealous, jealous!:

and your kids have the best do you not kiss them all day long?

Nomad said...

H Sarah! I'll ry!!

Hi Eva Diva...So sorry I missed you!!

Hi Oreneta!! How is it going over there!!

Hi Beth!! Yor life sounds pretty good too!!!

and re my kids cheeks...

I DO kiss them all the time!!!

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