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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tickety Boo...

Finally got the water running, I am SO no mechanically inclined...
Turns out there was a section of the hose missing, and I did not notice....*ahem*


Same with the propane. A switch was off.

So moving right along.....

So with running water and propane, got the mildewy spots cleaned off and surfaces wiped down, all is now shiny clean and smells so too...


Kids had a pretty tough day today. What with all the goings on down below getting the water running, we had some floor boards up, and Lily stepped right into the bilge...fortunately she did not get hurt, but she sure was shocked!

Then a few minutes later she almost accidentally removed one of Riels' front teeth with a hatch cover...

OK you guys, come on over here...

Away from everything - sit down and lets do something quiet before somebody really does some damage...


NOTHING improves jet lag like a good hot shower, a good hot meal, and a nice long sleep!

Aboard Promise

We had a great flight yesterday from Paris to Toronto, and are onboard PROMISE far so good.
The boat is on good shape, clean and relatively well organized, and as I speak one small girl is (voluntarily!!) scrubbing the deck and one medium small boy is (voluntarily!!) washing the side of the boat.


There is pretty extensive mildew at the top of the V birth, and a light dusting elsewhere, the bed pillows were completely rotted so to dispose of them (yuck!).
First order of business is to get the water running, get the propane running and get at it with hot water and bleach.

We have filled both water tanks, but the pump is blowing only air.
Also I have turned the propane on but cannot seem to get any gas to the stove.
*argh*!! We need hot water and to be able to cook would be great....
Well at least the head is functioning...and I have been able to log on...Looking on the bright side..

Fist night here we crashed amid bags and bed linens, but had a good and quiet sleep to the gentle rocking of the hull.
AHHH...LOVE that!!!
The kids were very anxious to sleep in the V berth together, which they did, even tho R is SO tall, he slept bent....
Rainy today, but both kids awoke very happy, they are very pleased to be on board.

Now to get to work!!

*Rolling up sleeves*

Friday, June 17, 2011

Growing up...

Riel was invited to a disco Birthday party tonight.

He had such a good time.

When I texted him to see if he was having fun, he texted me back *GO AWAY*

I guess that means he was having a good time... :-p!!

I spent some time watching the kids dance, and open presents, and I got a BIG lump in my throat.

So sweet to watch them hanging out together, running back and forth to the bathroom...

He is growing up SO fast!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The show....

Well now that it is a few weeks behnd me and I have gained a little perspective, I can talk about it.

Something about being in the throws of it, that well...*meh* I don't know....just feel too compelling to be able to say anything at.

SO for those of you who do not know, I am newly a student at Parson's Paris.
Well newly and not so newly, one, I have just finished my first semester which for all intents and purposes is actually my fourth, due to transfer credits, and two, am now entering my third year of four years...(amazingly!)

Our year end show was three weeks ago, and out of 22 pieces of art work from the Fine Art department, encompassing all three years, 7 of them were mine.

I produced a short film clip that was shown.

I had 3 sculptures,

1 very large painting,

And a large drawing installation.

Weeeew hoo!

I was tired.

But very very happy.


Pics to follow

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting out...

Well, I always figure that when you have the wherewithall to arrange to get places to do things outside of the normal mouse trail that is the normal day of activities, groceries, school, boulangerie)(!), Starbucks (there is a new one at a corner near us...more on that later) it means that you have finally arrived.

Today we took the bus to Montparnasse and saw "Where the Wild Things Are", in OV, (original version).

I think I even ran into someone I know in Starbucks the other day... this makes me very happy!!!

So I guess we have finally arrived!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Water flowers,

Popcorn stuck,

Bad luck,


Wash linens,

Scrub floors,

Dust doors,


Scrub kitchen,

Strip beds,

Scrub heads.


Lego sucked,

Vacuum junk,

Wipe gunk,


Washers running,

Feeling feet,

All neat.

Unlikely Nomad '11

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A turn of fortunes...


Yes... it was looking pretty grim around here...

but today was GREAT!!

1) It started with an email from our realtor at home...someone might like to rent our house...

And teach music out of it...

And maybe hold recitals!!

I cannot honestly think of something I would rather see happening in our lovely old home than something like that...

I can hear the floating notes from here....

2) I got a response from one of the several too many au pairs I am wooing online,

(honestly I think it is worse than dating)

She, thankfully, seems old enough to make some sane decisions, (but not too old)

and she might actually and seriously want to come and stay with us for the next school year.

Honestly, it is stressing me out something have everything in place for school next year

except CHILDCARE...ughh!! (keep your fingers crossed that she is as sweet and sane as she seems...)

3) I got a letter from the Dean of the school (PArsons, MY school) congratulation me on my excellent academic

achievement this semester,

and informing me that I have made the DEAN'S LIST....

*extended and ridiculous happy dance and general hoo haa-ing!!*

What a good day!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Beautiful, lonely, busy, empty.

Historical, difficult, trees, hobos,

Apartments, yards, beggars, streets,

Traffic, noise.

Art, culture, swimming,


Where am I swimming too...

ho hum.

tough day in Paris.

What we have been up to...