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Saturday, July 23, 2011


First week has been amazing...GREAT sailing, I am writing this from Kingston Harbor so we have covered a bit of ground.

We sailed from Cobourg Harbor last Sunday July 16th or so, and had a fantastic run right to the Murray Canal, then a great run across and up long reach, and finally another amazing downwind sail here. Fabulous.

We have been experiencing an incredible heat wave....35 degrees felt like 44 or some ridiculous thing...thankfully we could swim every other 2 minutes, which by the way was the amount of time it took to dry off it was SO hot. Kids LOVE to swim, and do so every chance they can get. (So do we!) :-)

Kept pumping the kids with water....still bl**dy hot though...

Slight losses of sense(s) of humor over kids leaving their cr*p everywhere all the time...but we are getting over it ...and they are improving. Riel in particular finds the new space somewhat disorienting.

It is a small space after all...and some children, especially 7 year old girls with medium brown hair and too long bangs like to talk...not ALL the time but almost... :-)


Still sticking to my NO-DIGITAL summer plans tho...

Even tho 2 kids quietly zoned out in front of a movie sounded so good yesterday...sadly/happily the plug for the dvd player has been waylaid so we are still at 100 % non digital for the summer.


Signing off from Kingston Harbor...Thousand islands tomorrow...

Friday, July 15, 2011


I LOVE being on this boat.


I love that it is all trimmed with wood, that it is a bit older, and well loved.

Less than perfect..but utterly perfect.

I love that she has little cupboards everywhere, and that she fits us just right.

I love that some days the kids like to share the teeny tiny V berth, and some days not so much.


Every one is sleeping..

Kids are drooling, and hub is snoring...

But I am having a glass of wine...

Why you might ask???

Because I just finished my last bit of course work, and my last essay of my online course.

I am DONE until September!

Wooo hoo, Lake Ontario here I come!


Kids and sailing school....

It has been pretty busy what with my course, getting caught up with friends and working at the house.
Bruce has just arrived today, it is nice to have him back.

The kids are loving sailing school which makes all of us very happy.
Lily when asked however, is not steering or trimming sails, but catching seaweed...(??) :-p
I do think it has progressed to a little more than that now, but we chalk it up to a fun experience on the water. :-)
She loves her instructor, and is having a great time with the other kids.

Riel has been learning to turn turtle, or overturn his boat, and right it in record time.
He is rather proud of himself as the first day it took him 10 minutes to right, and now he can do it in under one minute.
I think the coaches are pretty good too.

Gma and Gpa spoil them rotten, so they are all having a great time.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Good Day....

Had an amazing day today at a friend's Art Beach Festival, we volunteered there all day and the kids were amazing, helping, and having fun. I am SO proud of them, they LOVE to volunteer... So cool.
Also went to the my friend's new art gallery which is pretty impressive - left a pile of drawings and photographs.
Met an amazing woman who works in an artists collective nearby, seems quite neat and interesting.
Might go and have a look at her group's studio after our sailing in August.

Had a great swim at a friend's pool, the kids were in the pool for H.O.U.R.S....
Wrinkly, happy, hungry, tired kids are G.O.O.D kids...

Then Burger King AND Dairy Queen for supper, (just getting our years worth of junk food in 2 weeks...)
*Super Size Me* !!! *urp*

Then a Cameco sponsored movie on the beach.
2 very tired kids snoozing, time for me to hit the hay too....

What we have been up to...