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Friday, July 15, 2011

Kids and sailing school....

It has been pretty busy what with my course, getting caught up with friends and working at the house.
Bruce has just arrived today, it is nice to have him back.

The kids are loving sailing school which makes all of us very happy.
Lily when asked however, is not steering or trimming sails, but catching seaweed...(??) :-p
I do think it has progressed to a little more than that now, but we chalk it up to a fun experience on the water. :-)
She loves her instructor, and is having a great time with the other kids.

Riel has been learning to turn turtle, or overturn his boat, and right it in record time.
He is rather proud of himself as the first day it took him 10 minutes to right, and now he can do it in under one minute.
I think the coaches are pretty good too.

Gma and Gpa spoil them rotten, so they are all having a great time.

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