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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Oh joy oh bliss, I HAVE A NEW GERMAN FRIEND….!!!

I am SO tickled!!!

Her name is Mathilde, she a little bit older than I and a little bit greyer and more sedate than I, German now but with old English roots, she is robust in an earthy kind of way. She LOVES to travel and loves the outdoors as I do, dare I dream… have I found a fellow nomad?

We met in our small village around the time of my birthday, though I have not really seen much of her since, she is a local. I can’t WAIT to get to know her a little bit better, as she is very keen to explore the country side together.

I think about her alot, I keep wondering when we will next get to get together to go and do something fun.

If Mathilde weren’t a girl I would even say I am harbouring a little bit of a crush!!…


I just got back from a little jaunt to the village with her, down the brick lane, over and along the millstream, by the hollyhocks and past the Kloister to stop in by the market to pick up some local peaches and strawberries warm and fragrant with the June sun. She is really fun to be with, very easy going and we loitered over a coffee in the gentle breeze and then made our way back down the lane with some good hearty organic bread for lunch. She is quiet in a very thoughtful sort of way, and I feel as though she thinks much like I do.

I asked her if I could post a photo of her on my blog since we are getting along SO famously and being the good natured soul that she is she was delighted….

All my friends at home and in the blogaspere...Meet Mathilde…


Beth said...

You had me there!
Enjoy your new friend...

oreneta said...

She's LOVELY!!!

And posed so beautifully with the flowers...

Jacki said...

Love it!!! I ride mine in the mornings too... If you neglect her she will talk to you and let you know how upset she is :)

Very nice!

Laura Bradbury said...

Dear Heather,

No wonder you have a crush - look at those handlebars!!!
Love, Laura

Jeanne said...

Bwahahahahaaa! I LOVE surprise endings, and did not see that one coming!

Kimmie said...

You had me, I was so happy that you found a 'kindred spirit'!!

Those are so rare these days, recently I found one (her name is Hallie...Confessions from the Rubber Room-on my friends list...and now we go to church together too!)

Your bike looks like a beauty and I am so glad you are having time to enjoy 'her'

I think if you move to CT, you and I could be kindred spirits too ;-)

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