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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Some catching up to do...Our trip to Koln (Cologne)

The Beauty of a GPS or global positioning system is that where ever you are, you actually KNOW where you if you see something interesting off in the distance, you can actually identify it, find it and get to it!! So as we were making our way the 500 or so odd kms. to Cologne we saw this, way way off in the distance granted in this photo it is about 100 years ago, but astonishingly it still did look pretty much like this...
So we took this path, on such a gorgeous afternoon and walked way, way, WAY up, until my legs were thanking my behind for sitting down and finally taking a load off when we arrived at the top!!
This enormous monument is called Kaiser Wilhelm Denkmal which is also known as the Ports Westfalica marking the border of Westfalia. You can read more about it here.

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cipriano said...

Awesome perspective there in the middle [second] photo.
Wonderful color.

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