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Thursday, December 21, 2006

5 Euro Baby

Whew...sorry it has been sooo long...

So the tooth finally came out, only took about a week, and happened a bit by accident.

During roller-blading class at school he fell face first onto a jump and guess fell out right then and there. I think the poor child was a little traumatized by the abruptness of it all...Good news is the tooth was found and the tooth fairy paid up a whole 5 Euros for that baby.

Like Beth said the first one is worth more and I think I can go with that.

Our little guy is growing up!!


sarah said...

Cute picture! You gotta love a toothless, freckled little kid, too cute.

oreneta said...

WOOOO HOOOOOO Congratulations Riel, that is a huge milestone. what are you going to buy with the tooth fairy money?

Mom of Three said...

My Eldest actually lost FOUR teeth in two days, and she looked like Leon Spinks! The Tooth Fairy had to take out a second mortgage for that week!

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