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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Urgent: Tooth Fairy needed

“Hey Mom!!”

“I have WIGGLY tooth!!”

He rushes over to me; immediately I give it the wiggle test and sure enough it is moving a LITTLE tiny bit.

Riel had been asking me for a while when it was going to happen to him as one of his best buddies has been all toothless and whistley-like for a while now.

After that came a barrage of questions like what happens next and does it hurt, how do the new teeth arrive and what do we do with the old ones and so on.

So of course we launch into the whole entire Tooth Fairy thing (and all you experienced parents out there are going to have to help me out here) the tooth under the pillow, fairy finds baby tooth and leaves a little something.

Riel’s eyes are getting wider and wider…

I for one have a few questions…

1) How does the “Tooth Fairy” find a tooth the size of a grain of Kat-kibble under the head of a sleeping child’s pillow in the dark??

2) What is the going rate for the tooth fairy these days?

3) Does the Tooth Fairy wear anything special? (Yes loaded question I know...)

4) What does the Tooth Fairy do with the Kat-kibble after he/she has retrieved it…surely the reappearance of any particular tooth that a parent might happen to be attached to might just blow the Tooth Fairy’s cover….? (No?)

When I mentioned casually that ALL of his teeth would eventually fall out and be replaced his eyes widened in surprise…and a little bit of concern…


Then it was all real quiet like.


“Can I watch TV Mom?”

“Sure Honey”

Riel climbs the stairs and sits on the top step so he can see the TV and a mirror and proceeds to watch TV and check on his tooth every 60 seconds or so.

“Watchya doing honey?”

“I don’t want to miss it when it falls out…!!”

Silently to self….Oops…forgot that part…


oreneta said...

I go for a Euro/dollar/pound whatever....The kids wrap it in TP, or put it in an envelope, eventually they got big enough they sewed small cloth bags for it... Not the younger one wants to save them, go figure. Oh, and flushorama...or the sea depending on your location. Isn't it lovely? And they are even smaller than kibble when they're out.
I kissed one out by accident, we've swallowed one, the fairy still pays up, we've lost one in a giant foam pit at gymnastics......the fairy is always good for the cash though. have fun!

Beth said...

I was such a loser when it came to the Tooth Fairy. when they were real young and lost that first tooth, they always got $5, but just for the first tooth...after that it was a couple bucks....if I remembered! there were mornings where I was quietly trying to shove a $1 under their pillow as I was waking them up!

I kept the teeth for a while, but eventually threw them out.

Nomad said...

Thanks for the wisdom...honestly never thought about it before...
It all seemd to work ok when I was a kid...except my Dad alwasy used to try to talk us into tying a string around the wiggly tooth and then tying the string to a door handle so when the door is slammed the tooth pops out... I can remember being harnessed to the front door of our old house for several agonizing minutes before finally loosing my nerve and begging to be released...what would motivate me to do this and why in the first place I have no idea...

oreneta said...

You actually let him do that!?!?!?!! My Dad always wanted to use pliers. What is it with Dad's anyway?

eva said...

my brother also did the door/string pull!

What we have been up to...