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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Creative endeavor for the day

The fact that we know we will soon be leaving Dijon has made me feel suddenly a little attached and nostalgic...figures...huh!!!

LML and I took a walk today to see a film and I took some photos on the way back.

This is the alley we normally take to the historic central area of Dijon. Our path winds its way in and out of ruelles (allies) mostly cobbled and mostly pedestrian, always lovely and quiet and always lots to look at. This particular alley leads past the famous owl carved on the side of Notre Dame, not visible but just to the left. It was vandalized some years ago and is now video monitored 24 hours a day.
The owl, which as legend or history has it, was gently stroked by Napoleon on his way past and which is rumoured to give the modern stroker great luck as well.

Lily was cavorting around the front of the church while I was trying to photograph the gargoyles suspended on the front. Notice how all the sculpture at the top of the arch ways has been chipped off by angry peasants during the french revolution.

The rows of gargoyles are fantastically tortured looking creatures, maimed and looking in great agony, and there are many more than I was able to capture in this shot. I can only imagine the energy and effort put into the design and creation of these frightening images, undoubtedly the average souls reward in hell for errant deeds.

This is the main square in Dijon, Francois Rude with its bronze statue and fountain and the ever turning carousel.

Lily hamming it up on the way home.


Beth said...

my god, how lucky are your kids? Growing up there and seeing all that history? wow is all I can say.....can I come live with you too? ;)

Mom of Three said...

Everything around here is 100 years old, tops, typically, and we live in an OLD area! I would LOVE to see that level of history!

Ashley said...

thats so gorgeous...I've only been to Canada and Bermuda!

diva eva said...

I feel the same way when I'm on the road, and I'm in a city for awhile. No matter how we are treated, we still find ourselves attached to the beauty and history of where ever we are. It's just the kind of people we are.
I wish I could come back to Dijon one more time before I leave, but you know I can't.
Lily looks adorable!
Looking forward to seeing you this week!

sarah said...

Funny how that happens huh. Very cool pictures.

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