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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Home and "Home"

While were in Canada the kids went to our local Montessori school for a week, and had a great time with out good friend who is the super gifted directrice there. The school is a dream, set in the heart of the hills with a horse farm on one side, and a forest and stream on the other. They and I love it and I hope it is where they will go when we return to Canada.

I was able to cram some quality time in with my good friends as well, a great dinner out with Trisha and another with friends from our old mothers group as well as some great visits. One thing I LOVE about our community at home in Canada is that we can just drop over for coffee. Speaking of coffee I could not resist a trip through drive through and a Tim Horton’s maple dip donut and a large-decaf-double-double (everyday…*blush*). Did I mention that I LOVE drive through? All in all though it was pretty great, pretty hectic and pretty tiring but really good to be back home.

My mom flew back with us and we had a smooth journey back to Germany or “home”. The day we arrived we were able to view the house and indeed it was finished and met our expectations in every way. While my Mom spent 3 days in our hotel room with the kids (bless her heart though she started to look a bit frazzled towards the end...), the movers and all our stuff arrived. The movers, who reminded me of a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger and the happy but bumbling 7 Dwarfs, spent two days traipsing boxes into our house then the unpacking and sorting began. I always hate this part as it seems that we have an overwhelming amount of stuff and that it will never ever fit, so consequently I spent about 36 hours cursing our North American appetite for possessions and alternately sulking as I was sure our new house was too small to fit everything (again). I become what an only be described as irascible and then begin to fantasize about my back packing days, when all I had I could carry on my back. The tension wanes however when everything starts to get tucked away and miraculously.
We decided to go all out and get it all done right away so have spent a spent the last week up until 2 A.M almost every night unpacking and assembling new IKEA stuff but have finally....

Run out of steam


oreneta said...

Oh you poor thing, I am so glad your Mom was there....

It'll pass

I frequently fantasize about rooms with nothing in them but a bed...everything is a startling bright white, and the curtains are billowing in from the french doors...

sarah said...

Whew! Made me tired just reading about all the work.

Glad your Mom could be there to help.

Good luck!

Beth said...

I'm SO glad to see you back at your blog. I've missed you.

ya, you're beat tired but what a fun experience....maybe...????! ;)

You always make everything sound like so much fun...even moving and unpacking box after box.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah that unpacking and sorting really blows! But knowing you it will look beautiful when it is done.

Ohhhh can't wait to see it all *crossing fingers*

Nomad said...

Hi Oreneta!!
Thanks so much for the good vibes..
I can feel them!
Sarah!! How nice to hear from you!! Yes it was amazing that my Mom could come, hope life is great!! You'll just have to come and see us!!
Hey Beth...Thanks so very much, I have missed all my blog buddies too!! I hope you will all forgive me for posting and not reading anyone else right now, I will get caught up soon!! Re making it sound fun, it must be the delirium... :-)
Trisha...You are too kind!

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