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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Recycling the German way

Paper, all types even tissue goes into a small clear bag.

Plastic in a small clear bag.

Compost all organic matter.

Some glass and plastic bottles must be returned at the store at which they were bought. Others, mainly big brand names like Coke and Sprite may be returned at any grocery store.Coke and Setc, a
pparently packaging can be returned to the vendor as well but I have yet to figure that out.

Any other non-recyclable glass can be deposited at a “green white or brown bin” to be picked up by the city.

Other actual bona fide “Garbage” (and now I am not even sure what that is anymore) is placed into a very small (about the size of our typical grocery bag) and expensive to buy (12E for a roll of about 10) garbage bag and left curbside.

We are down to one teeny tiny bag of actual “garbage” a week and I am told that even this is sorted through by recyclers.

*blinded by the light look*


Beth said...

Okay, that's worse than here.
I feel your pain - it's so damn confusing trying to do the "right" thing vis-a-vis the environment,

Beth said...

I am so ashamed...I don't recycle anything. Well, my dogs recycle some food, but I really should do this. Al Gore would be so mad at me..

oreneta said...

That is so amazing!!! You must be absolutely thrilled...and maybe a touch confused. A bit complicated, but it is so great to hear that it is going on so much!

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