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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The children are settling into a modicum of routine, and I am all for it. With all the upheaval and newness they are adapting really well but it is easy to forget that it is not only the adults who feel like fish out of water or (wasser Ha!, can you believe it - GERMAN!!!!!) but the kids too and in one sense perhaps we are better equiped to deal with the transition than they as they seem to feel their way through it while we can at least intellectualize our own adjustment.

On the whole everyone seems to be doing pretty good though there has been alot more yelling around here than there has been for a while and Lily for all her sweetness seems to be going through a bit of a bellowing stage...oooh my tender eardrums...seems I need to improve my ignoring skills.

Riel has been making noises about having a few boys over for play dates and even though we are nearer to the summer break I think it would be good for him to forge some alliances, now to muster up the time and the energy. We had a playdate with a friend from school tonight who is halfway between the two kids ages and in the end it all worked out ok with the three of them playing together but there was some struggling for a while about who plays with whom. And of course it is ALL very serious. I remember that though....

So finally I am turning my consciousness outside of the house and to our area and have started to look at the maps and guide books to figure out what is near and what we would like to see and explore. Seems there is lots to see so must get down to it and start planning. At the moment we hope to take the caravan to Scandanavia this summer for a few weeks but need to do some more research...We will make the pilgrimage back to Dijon this weekend to pick up the caravan...(figures our first road trip and it is back to France...). Not that I am done unpacking mind you but am at an impasse being both bored and fed up with it, so I will just make the rest of it invisible for a while to catch up with a bit of my life.

*Ahhhh..* Shedding the moving garb and pulling on those comfy NOMAD boots...



Beth said...

can I ask a really personal and stupid question?...why do you live in Europe? Work? Family?

I always say I want to pack up and move to an island somewhere, but I never do it. yet, you've done it, in a way! I'm jealous!

Kimmie said...

Sounds lovely...deep sigh!

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