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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Sort of a ho hum day today, the children are really tired as the week moves along. They have been fighting, gosh it makes me want to just wrap them up tight in blankets with just their heads sticking out, end the day and just put them to bed for the night…which by the way is what I have done albeit after baths and dinner with their little limbs loose and unfettered…as normal.

Anyway got through all the whining and screaming without loosing my cool…pat on the back for me.

TBG is in Germany until Thursday for the second or third week in a row and I must confess this routine is getting a little tiring.

Lily and I prepared all the dough for our annual ginger bread Christmas activities this year. I hope to do a little house, some big kid shaped cookies for the children to decorate and cookies to eat and gift.
I love doing this every year and it has become a bit of a tradition. I love the smell and the tang of the ginger and the silky feel of the dough. It was fun doing this with Lily though at one point it was getting a little scary with two bowls of unmixed dough, a bowl or two of flour and other ingredients lurking around and a big sink of goopy water, what with her intense desire to have one hand in every pot as it were. Lily had a great time in the mess, watching the mixer do its efficient job, sifting and stirring and washing.

So now we have a great big bowl of dough all ready to go, waiting for little hands to shape, form, bake and eat.


oreneta said...

OOOOOhh and you make the yummiest gingerbread too. Have you done those gingerbread decorating parties that you used to as well? I can smell the excitement now. D remebers doing it. Her's was very messy and it took a long time to eat it all.

Dorky Dad said...

Ah, yes. There's absolutely nothing like the feeling you get after noisy kids are asleep.

Anonymous said...

Heather! Lily is getting so BIG. She's going to be a tall beauty!



Beth said...

Lily is a cutie!!

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