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Thursday, November 23, 2006

This and That

The children’s star system is working brilliantly; we have been doing it for about a month now. The kid’s love it and it has had the desired effect of changing my focus from harping endlessly about all the stuff that is bugging me to chatting more about what we like to see…(it just occurred to me maybe I needed it more then they did!! *cringe*…)
In any case we have had to revamp the rewards section a bit do some tweaking and fine tuning as they were doing so very well it was getting a bit ripe around here with rewards.
I would have to say overall there has been a pretty dramatic improvement on the behavior front and they are now actually dreaming up new “GOOD” things to do to earn stars.
Gotta love it.

On an entirely different front we have had a little trouble in paradise. TBG went up to the caravan a few weekends ago to discover that it had been broken into. Nothing to serious for us but not only had it been broken into but several others as well and one of them even had been set to fire, burning it right to the ground. It seems all that was left was but a charred frame with only the fenders left (not even the tires) causing its two propane canisters to explode turning them into nice tidy little missiles that were discovered several tens of metres away. Apparently the culprits were 3 local boys aged 12-16 who were found at the scene in the middle of the afternoon.

As a parent can you IMAGINE????


Beth said...

I still love the star and reward system, even if it is "Ripe" with rewards.

I know I'm dumb, but ...what's a caravan? What are the authorities doing to the bys that did all this damage? Little shits!!
I hope you didn't lose anything that can't be replaced.

Patti said...

Why won't this thing work?

Patti said...

Well that was really annoying. I typed a huge comment and it would not post. Then I type somthing really stupid to see if it was my mistake and it gets posted. Geesh!!
My previous comment was about how good the star system is, but too cerebral for this tired mama. Then I said that Charlie told me yesterday that he really misses his friend who lives away oh yeah Reil (5 year olds just can't remember everything). I think he is composing a letter or something.

Nomad said...

Hi Beth,
A Caravan is essentailly a trailer.
Sorry to use Euro lingo on ya.
Re the kids I'm not sure as they are all still underaged. Call me sympathetic but as they are neighbours of our caravan park place all I can think about is how traumatized they and their families will all be.I really hope this does not lead to worse things for these misguided kids. (Have a great Saturday!!)

It has happened to me too and yup it's a pisser. MY kids miss yours too, tell Charlie he is VERY sweet. we'll be home eventually...**Guilt**
Thanks for the post tho and so happy to see you (visibly) dropping by!!;-)

sarah said...

That's a shame about your caravan and the others! Definetly some misguided children! As a parent I can't imagine. If my kids ever did anything that STUPID...

Nomad said...


What we have been up to...