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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Niki Saint Phalle

In Hannover we have more sculpture than you can shake a stick at. There are sculptures EVERYWHERE. Some of it I get... and some of it I do not.

Nonetheless all very interesting and thought provoking, and refreshing I find that the city of Hannover has invested so much in supporting sculpture artists. There is an wonderful installation in the centre of town called "Die Nanas" created by Niki Saint Phalle, and here it is...

I love the form of these figures, the colour and the movement as well as the exuberant femininity of them. Nikki celebrates the female form in a fabulous way. Apparently she went on to design and execute another series of female figures dubbed the "Skinnies"

In the largest and most prestigious formal garden in Hannover, the Herrenhausen Gardens (translated to Men's House Garden incidentally) Gardens Nikki has created a sculpture grotto in the interior of a traditional stone 17th century garden building. Entering the Grotto is truly an otherworldly experience, as the artists vision completely envelopes you with shimmering light. The interior is paved with multi textured mirrors and dotted with more colorful figures...She plays with light and incorporates reflections of exterior landscape features. You can find some background information here about her here is her biography, and also a great site about a sculpture garden in Italy called the Tarot garden.

At the The Sprengel Museum (Hannover's museum of modern art) she has built a fibre glass Nana that is hollow and as a shelter and very accessible structure for kids and adults to experience. The kids loved it as not only could they go in and out of it, touch it and be right up close to it but the thing echos. Truly cool.

Way too cool....

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Gary said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Interesting networks develop, don't they?

This art is wonderful - so whimsical and yet strong. I think in mid-February I'd love to spend a day with all that colour.

You asked about my 10 years as a monastic. The brief story is that in my early 20s, after some study and global searching, I met an Indian teacher (in Colorado) and chose an ashram life for 10 years. I lived in N America, India and Europe and my life was pretty much spiritual practice day in and out.

When I felt ready for a new phase (the world of work, marriage and kids), I moved on. I still practice meditation every day and much of my way of seeing life comes from those years.

More if you're interested! (You've already heard more than my kids normally want to :)

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