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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Letter to LILY...

Dear Lily,

You were home sick with me today, and we had a very quiet day.
You had a hotspot on your cheek and a very runny nose.

It was nice even though you slept right through the afternoon and I had to miss a friends birthday lunch. More important you sleep right?

Have I told you lately how much I love you and how sweet you are even when you have a drippy nose? You are such a good and co-operative kid, and you are SO industrious. You even wore your hat inside all day today and your slippers since you are not feeling well. Today while I was working on this drawing, you left your "Petite Ours" video to check in with me, just to chat. So Sweet.

While you were with me we decided you could try my charcoals too,

....and you loved how BLACK they "colour".

...You found that fascinating.

You also found it very interesting what happened to your hands and face...

Ha....VERY interesting!

Hope you feel better soon Lily!!

Love and kisses,
Your Mom XOX


Sarah said...

So sweet! Hope she's feeling better soon.

Michelle said...

Your photos of her are so wonderful. What a cutie pie. I pray she gets well soon.

Lynda said...

She is cute as a button.

Beth said...

Your daughter is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Even though you are in Germany and I am in Canada we are leading the same life. I just spend a sick day with Max


Nomad said...

Sarah...Thanks for the well wishes, I hope your troop is well!

Michelle...Thanks for dropping by, good energy your way too!

Hi Lynda! You are sweet, nothing cuter than a little kid covered with goo!

Hi Beth! thanks so much and ...well yes I AM biased, I completely agree...

ELLEN!!! You commented!
It is SO nice to see you on here!
Drop me a line agian soon I MISS YOU!!! (How is life?)

Anonymous said...

sweet sweet lily!
OMG, how cute! fell better.
xox diva eva

Kimmie said...

Lily is certainly an artist, her concentration is so sweet. I think it is wonderful that you were able to capture this moment, it will be one that brings you much joy as you look back on Lily's childhood.

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