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Friday, April 18, 2008

Can't WAIT to go back!!!

For those of you who know me well, you will know who this gorgeous lady is, one of my oldest, most cherished and longtime friends, someone who grew up a stones throw from my house way out in the middle of the sticks, someone who I hung out with in high school, roomed with in college, and then lived with after that, a very dear friend, and a very special lady, we even moved out to matching jobs "Out West" (Canadian lingo for the western provinces, Alberta, to work here) for several months, we were inseparable. Someone who feels like family to me, sister's neither of us ever had, we shared it all, the good, the goofy and the god awful...lots of stories, lots of laughs and lots of tears...

She moved away to London (England that is), many years ago and married this very special man, and they are very happy and though we still speak, and visit often, she is Riel's Fairy God Mother, and a SUPER one at that...her leaving Canada left a big hole in my heart. Makes you realize how much you can appreciate someone, and miss them. (Gosh I AM sappy these days...apologies in advance, but just keeping it real). I must say though her courage at picking up and starting a new, cool life have served as an inspiration to me and I have always figured hey if Barb can do it, so can I.

Barb, you will always have a special place in my heart, and if there is EVER anything I can do for you, anywhere, anytime, you know...all you have to do is ask.

The coolest part about living where we are now though in northern Germany, and I JUST discovered this, is that we are an inexpensive and mere 50 minute flight away from one another...I LOVE that!

So last week, I decided to take Riel out of school for a couple of days, so we could go to London, and visit Barb and some family...Yes I DO love Barb, but did I ever mention how much I love London? I have images of Carnaby street in the 60's, cool British rock bands all mixed up with Gary Glitter and David Bowie with a fluffy underbelly of the Chelsea flower show, topped off by a stiff Bobby...You know what I mean?

Soooo..we saw a little of thisor I guess I should say allot of this or maybe a large of this or something like that...a little of this, including a performance by Midori, linked only in case you do now know who she is like I (Cultural Boob that I am) didn't, reviewers say she "IS" her violin, and ...I can was incredible but connection with an instrument verging on bizarre...OK now I am exposing the real soft underbelly of my Cultural Boobness ...but guys will be nice to me right?) and on the way we saw a few of these, gotta love those red buses, and also saw some of this, performance art, a sampling of chairs taken from the Barbicon and set up like the seats on a 747...(like I need to see more of those...) I was looking for a section of 3 in a row so I could no?
and then a few pics in front the the Victoria and Albert Museum
while gawking in absolute and complete astonishment and awe at the Prince Albert Monument in Hyde Park...some of the most exquisite statuary I have ever seen (next post)...and of course you HAVE to love English Gardens...

Oooh I LOVE London..Can't WAIT to go back


Anonymous said...

OMG! H, I forgot Barb lives in London!!! I'll be there is less than 2 weeks!!!!
Please email me her info, I'd love to call her.
Can't wait to see you in exactly a month!!!
Your trip looked great.

Beth said...

I visited London years and years ago (a lifetime??).
I want to go back, too!
Great pictures.

Sarah said...

What a great trip! I love London too.

Michelle said...


What we have been up to...