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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Young chicks learn old tricks

If you're here I'm glad... (hanging head) I know it's been a really long time, so welcome back...!

In the last few weeks my mom has been here, TBG has been away in Asia and Riel and I have gone for wonderful journey to London, England, (we even played hooky from school!) but more (with lots of cool pics) about that later.

The visit with my mom was fabulous as it always is, we just hung out, did quiet stuff with the kids, and in general had a really nice visit....but the very best part is that I've brought her over to the "Blog side" can check it out here, and who says YOUNG CHICKS CAN'T LEARN OLDTRICKS...I must say my mom as well as being constant inspiration to me, is a living proof of this addled adage, as she is on here her about fourth, fifth, or sixth foray from one art to the other....and now she is blogging!!!! (HA!) I love it!

Currently she's insane about willow, collecting, growing, harvesting and weaving, and thanks to this current insanity we were the lucky recipients of a beautiful, large, handsome, and serviceable basket for firewood (that served as luggage on the way over the pond, smart lady) that is still perfuming my living room with the scent of freshly cut willow...thanks Mom you're amazing!!
Dear Mom,

Thank you so much for dragging yourself once again across the ocean , I know it's a long haul, I know that that oversees flight really is nasty, and I know it's hard to be away from home. We really appreciate the time and effort, all the little gifts, all the sweet things you do. We enjoyed the time you spend with us so much, the kids just love it, and so did I. Doing not a lot of anything was just super, just hanging out ...and being together.

Why is it that being a Mom makes one realize what a super Mom one already has?
Thank you for all the mothering that you have given me, I realize that all the things that I love about myself as a mother have come from you are the best, and we miss you lots.

Love your daughter...


Beth said...

Your mother sounds wonderful! Glad you had such a great visit.
(And that is such a sweet, heartfelt letter.)
Will check out her blog.

Greg said...

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Gregory E. Lang
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