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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dear Children,(7 year old red head in particular)...

There are SO many things in life that I want to show you,

I want to show you far off oceans and pick through the sand,
To traverse villages and paths with you tight by the hand,
To explore distant grasslands, forests and trees,
Sail into waning sunsets on ever calm green seas,

I want to talk about electricity and what makes the planet tick,
To visit every castle and look at every brick,
Scale every hilltop, and fly every kite,
Watch every star grow in the ever present night,

I want teach you good manners, and what it means to be nice,
Give you the skills, you need to be invited back thrice,
I love you both you both must know, you mean the earth to me,
So I am sure you must understand what it means to act politely...


So let's not waste our time on the stupid stuff..m'kay?
Love you forever,

Your Mom.


Gary said...

Your children are beautiful. They also look secure, happy and loved. That's all very good...

Sarah said...

What a sweet poem. Cute and funny too. I love the last section - so true!

Is that your Mom in the picture? It must be, she looks just like you, or you look just like her, or something!

Beth said...

Love both the poem and the picture.
Your son reminds me of my eldest. In the recent batch of birthday photos, he is still making funny faces!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. My kids are teenagers and I would love to show this to them!

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