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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Aboard Promise

We had a great flight yesterday from Paris to Toronto, and are onboard PROMISE far so good.
The boat is on good shape, clean and relatively well organized, and as I speak one small girl is (voluntarily!!) scrubbing the deck and one medium small boy is (voluntarily!!) washing the side of the boat.


There is pretty extensive mildew at the top of the V birth, and a light dusting elsewhere, the bed pillows were completely rotted so to dispose of them (yuck!).
First order of business is to get the water running, get the propane running and get at it with hot water and bleach.

We have filled both water tanks, but the pump is blowing only air.
Also I have turned the propane on but cannot seem to get any gas to the stove.
*argh*!! We need hot water and to be able to cook would be great....
Well at least the head is functioning...and I have been able to log on...Looking on the bright side..

Fist night here we crashed amid bags and bed linens, but had a good and quiet sleep to the gentle rocking of the hull.
AHHH...LOVE that!!!
The kids were very anxious to sleep in the V berth together, which they did, even tho R is SO tall, he slept bent....
Rainy today, but both kids awoke very happy, they are very pleased to be on board.

Now to get to work!!

*Rolling up sleeves*

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oreneta said...

I arrived today, amid bags and bed linens!!!

Love it that we're both here.

See you sooooooon


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