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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The show....

Well now that it is a few weeks behnd me and I have gained a little perspective, I can talk about it.

Something about being in the throws of it, that well...*meh* I don't know....just feel too compelling to be able to say anything at.

SO for those of you who do not know, I am newly a student at Parson's Paris.
Well newly and not so newly, one, I have just finished my first semester which for all intents and purposes is actually my fourth, due to transfer credits, and two, am now entering my third year of four years...(amazingly!)

Our year end show was three weeks ago, and out of 22 pieces of art work from the Fine Art department, encompassing all three years, 7 of them were mine.

I produced a short film clip that was shown.

I had 3 sculptures,

1 very large painting,

And a large drawing installation.

Weeeew hoo!

I was tired.

But very very happy.


Pics to follow

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oreneta said...



Can I say I knew you when??????

Give me a sketch or two so I can sell them for my retirement!?!?!?!?

GOD you are amazing.

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