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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Big Day!!

Look what happened when Santa came down the chimney!!!

Whoa!!! (as heard from upstairs while we are still snoozing upstairs...)

Look at ALL this stuff!!

(I promised myself I would keep it down to a dull roar..but as usual it always seems to get away from me...)

Lily opening up a gift with enclosed Barbie doll clothes from Mommie's old things...

made for me by MY mom...

(we won't even go into how long ago THAT was...)


oreneta said...

They are so lovely...Christmas is such a delight when they are that age...

Beth said...

ya, ya, ya,..the kids are great...I want to see your house!!! Those windows are magnificent!!!! And those red drapes? More pictures please!

* the kids really ARE cute!

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