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Monday, July 3, 2006


Bruce goofing arond with the new camera before heading to Thailand for 5 days. (we always think they are stupid and don't work until we read the instructions...) I think we will go the the Caravan tomorrow after school, (Tuesday) so the kids can swim, it has been hot and gluey (as Riel says) here. So we will sleep over night and then spend Wednesday at the pool and playing. The kids have so much fun as there is a big deep green forest next door and an abundance of sticks and good things for kids to fool around with- (plus I can have a nice read in the afternoon while Lily snoozes and Riel builds Lego).

Trying to figure out if we can go ahead to Spain a few days earlier and then I will spend the week there alone with the kids. Bruce can fly home on Sunday night and then meet us back there on Friday. (somehow I feel less brave with 2 kids and no Bruce than the other way around). I have found a campsite 12 Kms from Barcelona on the beach and would love to take the kids to Museums, etc visit Gaudi's church and eat gazpacho, (it is a theme..) as our current itinerary won't allow for this as we are hoping only to do the north coast of Spain )(and Rioja of course). Experience has told us that it is better to park the caravan and use it as a base and tool around in the car, and then move on a few days later. So...we'll see. Later.

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Trish said...

Nomad indeed! I think I have to get out of the house more often.

Great chatting with you this moring...afternoon, whatever.

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