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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Wow the kids had a great time at the caravan. We did sleep over night, which was wonderful as it was 40 plus degrees in Dijon (chaud!!) and only 31 in the Haute de Beaune where the caravan is situated. Everyone had a nice dip, Riel is swimming perfectly and completely independantly (cannonballs and all) and Lily is happily mermaiding around in her bright orange water wings... We had pizza on the terrace by the pool cooked by the wonderful Italian "French" couple who run the site (with her 3 small children in tow...) A few challenges though as I realized that wherever I go the kids need to come with me...well almost...when I did need to nip out to the loo before bed I locked them (sleeping) in the caravan and went to come back the find the door lock malfunctioning and not opening.....sweat sweat tug tug and after some more frantic pulling and maybe a little swearing managed to yank it open again. Happily no one even batted an eye. I then proceeded to forget about it until the next day when we all rushed back to shelter from a looming electrical storm...fortunately we soon managed to get it open...and then promptly dismantled and repaired it so all is now well. Everyone was thoroughly happy and pooped out by the end of the day.

Last day of school tomorrow, Riel had an amazing report card... we are so proud of him!! Lily is too small to get one but judging from how she BOLTS into her classroom and forgets to say goodbye- I presume things are going well...we will have a little fete in each class for each kid at the end of the day so Lily and I made pound-cakes tonight...she got sort of lost into the tap water and the sink and the measuring spoons and all- so sweet...oh well took the pressure off me!

Bruce comes home tomorrow and we have decided due to some recent developments on the human resources front to stay in town next week and leave for Spain next Friday as planned.

Just listening to the "Indigo Girls" purchased in Canada, music I have not listened to for at least ten years...sort of like a good smell , makes you remember and feel exactly where you were the last time it was Later.

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