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Friday, July 21, 2006

Rolling stones...

Bruce has decided it is time for Rioja, hmmm kinda like this new wine hobby of his.
Will try to go south to Castile to visit some castles on the way over, hopefully while staying out of the heat. I guess we are sort of used to castles at home (in France) as think the kids area bit puzzled about the fact that we have not seen any. I mean any.

The French do seem to have a love affair with anything old whilst the Spanish seem to rebuild it or ignore it if what we have seen is any indication. We have seen lots of wistful, elegant and grand old dames of abandoned villas in little towns overlooking the sea....Riel shouts "fixer upper!!!" and Bruce and I both wish.

I am sitting outside the camping reception on an old slab of stone skimming wifi from the closed office, (too cool) on my computer without a plug in and mostly in the dark and to the sound of a neighbourhood barking dog. Isn't technology amazing? I was able to pick up email and also check the news the same way. I have read about the heat waves in France and am glad we are still here as it has been overcast and cool and green.



Trish said...


Anonymous said...

beware the techno, It could burn!
say hello to Bruce

kate said...

ok so if I am understanding this... you travel about with your family... ummm do you work? Home school? Sounds like loads of fun! I have never heard of a ticket around the world! I am getting sweaty palms thinking about it too! I dont think that my family would be in the least bit interested in doing it but I would. I really would sell off everything and go!!

Happy Saturday!

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